The Unhappy Girl

“The earth is revolving around money” Money is the super power & the value of relationships are not only worthless but totally forgotten.

The dilemma is that this has been said by every person next to you. Every single person you get to talk to complains about it. Be it yourkaam wali  (maid) the first outsider you get to talk/meet every morning, your neighbor, a colleague, or any “dear” you meet at the coffee morning or a morning walk.

Everyone whines about it. The power of relationships or the value of them is completely forgotten. There were those good times I miss the most when relationships were above everything. A friend’s birthday party during schooldays was more about enjoying the company of your friends than about the price of the present. It will not be wrong to say that those events were just the excuses to enjoy the company of your beloved friends. Giving a pencil case or a coloring book as a birthday present would exhilarate them. Nobody bothered if you were wearing a tutu dress or a homemade frock stitched by your mom or granny. Today it’s all about what you are wearing, what you are carrying or what you are driving etc. This has even distant us from our loved ones. The moment you plan of initiating a meeting, the first thought that crosses your mind is the list of the things you would need to be eligible for meeting your relative/friend & if you don’t have enough to impress you should let go of the thought of love which propelled you to meet them. The question arises who is responsible for all this disintegration or division in our society. What are we leaving behind ourselves? Let’s unite, correct ourselves & live the life we would want our generations to live.

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Comments (3)

  1. jaageet

    We can’t go back to our roots when grandfather was a herder happily spending his days minding the family’s goats on a mountainside under blue skies. We can’t go back now.

    June 27, 2017
    1. munazzah-faysal

      Jaageet you didn’t get the meaning of the subject.

      June 29, 2017
      1. jaageet

        The subject, as you put it, is about social disintegration and materialism. Did I get you wrong? Perhaps your society is different from mine.

        June 29, 2017